1625 - USB to RS485 converter

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Documents:  FTDI VCP Driver / D2XX Driver

Description:  FT232 based USB to RS485 half duplex serial converter.

  •  USB 1.1 and up with USB-B connector (USB cable not included).
  •  USB bus powered, i.e. no external power required.
  •  RS485 gating of transmit is automatically controlled by FT232, i.e. no user interaction required.
  •  No local loop back of transmit data in standard unit, local loop back can be enabled at buyer's request.
  •  RS485 driver is TI SN65HVD485EDR with internal 120 ohm termination resistor.
  •  RS485 output is fully transient protected for up to +/-30KV contact or air discharge.
  •  Data rates available from FT232 are from 300 to 3M Baud (Driver limit is 10M Baud).
  •  3 pin elevator clamp terminal block for RS485 interface.
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