1376 - Single USB to UART converter

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Documents:  FTDI VCP Driver / D2XX Driver

Description:  This logic level serial interface is based on the FTDI FT232RL converter and allows direct connection from a PC to an embedded processor with logic level and polarity compatibility, i.e. idle state is 1 and active state is 0. This is especially useful when debugging serial communications directly from the target processor as well as allowing the elimination of RS232 charge pump and driver circuits where the target serial interface is only used for programming etc, but not intended for regular connection to a PC.

  •  1.80V to 5.50V external interface voltage range.
  •  Jumper select-able 3.3V or 5.0V internal interface voltage.
  •  USB 1.1 and up with USB-B connector (USB cable not included).
  •  10 pin header with all RS232 signals and interface voltage input/output.
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