1388 - 4 digit IN4 SmartNixie Backplane

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  • 1388 - 4 digit IN4 SmartNixie Backplane
  • 1388 - 4 digit IN4 SmartNixie Backplane


Documents: Datasheet / Schematic / Module Lineup / Basic Wiring / Gallery

Description: Four digit SmartNixie backplane for IN4 top view nixie display modules.


  • I2C and power signals routed between all modules
  • I2C addressing of modules set by connector position: Leftmost module is I2C master
  • Master slot can be set to a standard slave address with on board DIP switch to allow control by a user provided I2C master device
  • Five push buttons for clock setting and timer control (If used)
  • Connector to access serial interface of GPS-RTC (Real Time Clock) module (If used)
  • Pads to access display module spare drivers for LED or Neon colon indicators
  • 5.5mm OD/2.5mm ID power connector for 8 to 12V input voltage

Compatible modules:

  • 1356 IN4 or 1437 B5092 top view displays
  • 1364 HVPS
  • 1374 battery backed crystal controlled or 1375 GPS RTC
  • 1383 timer and power controller for battery powered applications
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