1375 - SmartNixie GPS RTC

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Description: GPS I2C real time clock module.


  • The GPS Real time clock module automatically decodes the GPS serial stream and populates a register map to emulate the PCF8563 RTC chip:  This gives the benefits of GPS accuracy without the overhead of decoding the streaming GPC sentences.
  • Supply voltage range of 3.3 to 5.5VDC.
  • Battery backup allows retention of satellite fix data for fast acquisition of time after power cycling.
  • Battery charged from module supply voltage.
  • External I2C interface operating range is 3.3 to 5.5VDC using on-board level shifter.
  • Pin available for reading serial sentence stream.
  • 1PPS output with 100nS accuracy or programmable 1PP 30S, 1PP Min or 1PP hour.


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