1554 - HVPS Horizontal SMT (High Voltage/Low Noise)

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Documents:  Datasheet / Radj / Radj Excel / Radj PWM Excel / ATE / Warranty / Testdata

Description:  The 1554HVLN high voltage power supply is a miniature flyback boost converter operating from 2 to 16VDC input with an output of 150 to 250VDC set by a single resistor to ground. An enable pin allows the module to be controlled by an external logic signal drawing only 40uA in shut down.  Note: The 1554 module must not be reflow soldered to the target board as this will destroy the module.


  • PFM suppression enabled.
  • Output capacitor increased from 1 to 2uF vs the standard 1554.
  • This is a popular option for tube preamp enthusiasts.



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