1000 square loop ferrite memory cores

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Square loop ferrite cores maintain a magnetic field that exceeds their hysteresis threshold until a similar level in the opposite direction is applied.  Commonly used in magnetic logic and magnetic memory circuits.  The graph below shows the output winding voltage when the input current is sufficient to flip the magnetic field in the core from a previous SET state to the RESET state.  The peak at the leading edge is the transformer coupling from primary to secondary and occurs whether the field was flipped or not.  Shown is the behavior for 500mA through a 1 turn drive winding flipping polarization with a 3 turn sense winding.

  • Uncoated torroids
  • 1.25mm OD x 0.70mm ID x 0.40mm Height
  • Square BH curve ferrite for use in memory circuits
  • Typical magnetizing current to flip states is 300mA through 1 turn or 0.300AT
  • Package is minimum 1000 torroids (A few may be broken not affecting total)


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