8x8 magnetic core memory matrix

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  • 8x8 magnetic core memory matrix
  • 8x8 magnetic core memory matrix
  • 8x8 magnetic core memory matrix
  • 8x8 magnetic core memory matrix


  • These modules consist of 64 1.25mm OD x 0.70mm ID x 0.40mm Height square loop ferrite cores wired in an 8x8 matrix (Core Specs).
  • Module size is 20.5 x 20.5mm (0.80 x 0.80") with 2mm pitch headers.
  • Potted in resin to protect the cores from damage during handling and installation.
  • 8 column lines (X and X#)
  • 8 row lines (Y and Y#)
  • 1 common Enable line (En and En#)
  • 1 common Sense line (S)
  • X, Y and Enable lines are all polarized the same way, i.e. when driven from X#(-)/X(+), Y#(-)/Y(+) and En#(-)/En(+) the currents are additive toward magnetizing the core.
  • A core can be set or reset by driving each of its X and Y lines at 1/2 the minumum magnetizing current while the Enable current is zero. Alternatively X,Y and Enable may be all driven at 1/3 the minimum current.
  • A plane can be disabled by driving its Enable line in the opposite polarity of the X and Y lines.
  • The common sense line alternates between cores to cancel the capacitive coupling from the X, Y and Enable lines so a sense amplifier capable of detecting both the positive and negative core flip pulses must be used.
  • All bits can be read at the same time from multiple planes that each have their own sense amplifier and share the same X and Y lines. For shared X and Y drivers, bits must be written one at a time using the plane enable lines. Writing may occur much faster than reading as there is no need to wait for the sense pulse.
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