HVRT300 30kV 55mA 100nS diode

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Datasheet: HVRT Series

Description:  These high voltage diodes consist of a stack of 30 1000V PIV diodes.


  • Peak inverse voltage:  30,000
  • Forward current average:  55mA at Tambient 55C
  • Forward current surge:  3A during 8.3mS single half sine
  • Forward voltage: 55V at 55mA
  • Reverse current: 1uA at 30kV
  • Junction capacitance:  0.8pF at Vreverse = 0V and 1MHz
  • Reverse recovery time:  100nS at Iforward = 40mA, Ireverse = -80mA, Irecovery = -20mA
  • Storage temperature: -55 to +175C
  • Operating temperature: -55 to +125C
  • Junction temperature max:  125C



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