Ethernut 1.3H (Refurbished)

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Software:  Application development is carried out in the high level programming language C, using either free GNU tools or the commercially supported ImageCraft compiler. An active Open Source community developed and managed Nut/OS, a cooperative multi threading operating system with TCP/IP stack, which was specially designed with tiny embedded systems in mind. The well documented source code provides a convenient user interface, which is very similar to the C programming of desktop PC’s. Programmers will therefore quickly feel at ease operating this.  Although pre-configured for Ethernut1.3, all important settings can be customized with just a few mouse clicks with an easy to use graphical interface available on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X PCs incorporating any special requirements. A complete Internet enabled web server needs less than 60 kByte Flash and 12 kByte RAM. This leaves enough space for ambitious product ideas, including a boot loader for the update of firmware via the network. Many useful example applications are included in the distribution.


  • CPU              ATmega 128-16AU, 14.7456 MHz clock
  • Flash mem     Internal 128 kByte
  • EEPROM      Internal 4 kByte
  • Static RAM   External 32 kByte
  • RTC              Software with 32.768 kHz crystal
  • Ethernet         RJ-45 10BaseT (RTL8019AS)
  • RS-232         1 x 9-pin DCE, 2-Wire, 1 x TTL/CMOS
  • Digital I/O      21 configurable GPIO lines with alternate functions
  • Analog I/O    10-bit ADC, 8 multiplexed inputs with alternatefunctions
  • Programming 10-pin JTAG, 10-pin SPI
  • Indicators       Power (red), link (yellow), activity (green), RS-232 TxD (red)
Power supply
  • Regulator       Linear 1.5 A LDO (LM1086)
  • Input             2.1 mm barrel connector, unregulated 9 to 12 V DC
  • Expansion      9 to 12 V unregulated or 5 V regulated, output > 4 W
  • Consumption  <1 W at 9 V
  • Bat backup    None
  • RS-232        15 kV ESD protection
  • Ethernet        Transformer isolation
  • Power          1 A replaceable fuse, rectifier bridge, current limiter, thermal shutdown
  • Oper temp    0 to 70 °C (32 to 158 °F)
  • Stor temp     -65 to 140 °C (-85 to 284 °F)
  • Humidity       5 to 95 %, non-condensing
  • Immunity       EN 55024:1998, EN 61000-6-2:2001
  • Emission       EN 55022:1994 +A1:1995 +A2:1997- Class B, EN 61000-3-2:2001, EN 61000-3-3:1995 +A1:2001
  • Safety           PCB flammability rating UL94-V-0
  • RoHS            EU directive 2002/95/EC
  • Dimensions   (LxBxH) 98 x 78 x 17 mm (3.86 x 3.07 x 0,67 in)
  • Weight          62 g (0.137 lb)
Product identification
  • PCB rev       Written in copper on the PCB's backside
  • Serialization   IEEE registered MAC Address on barcode sticker label (Code 128C)


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