LM7805 regulator switcher drop in

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  • LM7805 regulator switcher drop in
  • LM7805 regulator switcher drop in
  • LM7805 regulator switcher drop in


     The 1516 module is a drop in switching regulator replacement for the LM7805 TO-220 linear regulator.  This module supplies double the 1A of the legacy regulator while drastically reducing the waste heat associated with using a linear regulator: At 12V input and 1A output current, the traditional LM7805 has to dissipate 7W of waste heat where this replacement (Using a generous 80% efficiency for the calculation) only produces 1.25W of waste heat.  At 24V input and 1A output, the linear regulator has to get rid of 19W vs the switcher's 1.25W of waste heat. (Note that the efficiency at 9V in and 1A load is closer to 95% so that 1.25W is realistically closer 1/3W).

  • 35V max input voltage (40V transient)
  • 4.3V (Minimum, 4.5V typical) input under voltage lockout
  • 5V +/-2% output voltage
  • 0 to 2A output current
  • Low 0.5V dropout voltage at 2A
  • 4mS soft start
  • 1MHz switching frequency for extra compact design
  • Up to 95% efficiency...
  • 90% efficiency at full load, Vin = 7V
  • 80% efficiency at full load, Vin = 35V
  • PFM mode used to improve efficiency at no load (-1% to +3% voltage tolerance)
  • 3.6mA typical Iq at no load
  • Thermally protected
  • Over current protected
  • Short circuit protected
  • PWB thickness is 1.58mm +/-15%
  • Total module thickness is 6.35mm Max
  • "Tab" screw mount sized for 4-40 pan head



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