TN9/6/3-3R1 Square loop ferrite core

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Documents:  Datasheet / 3R1 / Square loop / Experiments / Core Memory

Description:  Square loop ferrite cores maintain a magnetic field that exceeds their hysteresis threshold until a similar level in the opposite direction is applied.  Commonly used in switching power supply magnetic amplifiers (Mag-amps), magnetic logic and magnetic memory circuits.  The graph below shows the output winding voltage when the input current is sufficient to flip the magnetic field in the core from a previous SET state to the RESET state.  The peak at the leading edge is the transformer coupling from primary to secondary and occurs whether the field was flipped or not.

  • Ferroxcube 3R1 material
  • 9mm OD x 6mm ID x 3mm Height
  • Polyamide 11 coated
  • Square BH curve ferrite for use in mag-amps and memory circuits


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